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House Rules

Hi, Welcome to our More to Celebrate page

This page is all about sharing your building experience and connecting with others who are also building with Celebration Homes. We encourage our fans/users/community to leave comments, photos, videos and links on our page. While you are exploring our page, please be respectful of our page rules.

We would like to keep our page a friendly environment. Any activity that is deemed inappropriate or offensive will be removed. This will include activity that is defamatory, discriminating, unlawful or infringes property laws or rights of privacy.

We respect everyone has their own opinions. Comments on the page are those opinions and responsibility of the individual. These comments do not represent the opinion of Celebration Homes, the ABN Group and its employees.

If you have a product or customer service question, please contact us on 9202 2300 and we will be able to deal with your enquiry in more detail.

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